Thursday, November 26, 2015


Small Business Membership



 For  Lifetime

 The Small Business Membership provides access to:

  • Basic profile with wall for posting of comments, photos, and video;
  • Certification assistance tools;
  • Company assessment tools;
  • Ability to message other users;
  • Ability to search and join organization users; and
  • Ability to post 4 samples of job history


  • User friendly environment that looks and feels like other social sites for ease of use;
  • Virtual skill development in the privacy of your office at your own pace to build your confidence;
  • Online promotion of your company by promoting the link to your profile and reducing your need for printed collateral;
  • Promotion of job history to demonstrate quality of work, reliability, and references; and
  • Virtual online help to answer questions

Entrepreneur Membership


$ 199.00

 /  1 year

Entrepreneur Membership provides:

  • Company Fact Sheet: template in basic black & white with basic details for buyers
  • Company Brochure:  template in basic black & white to highlight past job samples
  • Networking Tools: online exercises to create 30-second introductions, 60-second success stories, and develop networking etiquette in the privacy of your own office, at your own pace
  • Unique Value Proposition: online exercise to determine what sets your company apart from others and script your selling point
  •  3-Minute Pitch: a template will be auto-populated with the major points needed to create a concise pitch upon completion of the other categories, keeping you from over thinking your most interesting components of a pitch


  • Customizable marketing collateral that can be viewed online or downloaded in a PDF format to be viewed from a mobile device or to share via email, saving paper;
  • Ability to customize various versions of marketing collateral tailored to your specific audience like corporate, government, or utilities;
  • Virtual skill development available to build confidence;
  • Become a more effective communicator by having concise information and a systematic approach to marketing your company; and
  • Virtual online help to answer questions and provide assistance.

Contracting Entity Membership


$ 2499.00

 /  1 year

The Contracting Entity Membership Provides Access To:

  • Profile With Social Wall For Posting Comments, Photos, And Videos To Promote Your Contracting Goals;
  • Ability To Search And Join Organization Users To Promote Contracting Goals Through Community Partners; Ability To Search Business Users And Communicate With Them Online;
  • Ability To Vet Business Users Online Using Profile "Unlock" Feature To View Company Details. 


  • Save Time: By Vetting Prospective Vendors Online Without The Use Of Large Amounts Of Paper;
  • Save Money: By Spending Less Staff Time To Find And Vet Small Businesses; And
  • Improve Goals: By Working With Community Partners To Drive Memberhip To A Free Online Tool Preparing Them To Sell To You.